LinkedIn Sucks these days — and why you still need it.

We all feel frustrated going to LinkedIn and seeing our inbox filled with offers. 90% of them are off-target.

Most senders don’t know squat about Sales 101 when they contact us.

Some say Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn turned it spammy.

(They did pay $26 billion for it. Kind of gives you a hint they want it to be Facebook for Business.)

Regardless of all the LinkedIn spam, we tell clients to stay in LinkedIn. There is still tremendous value in building a LinkedIn profile.

In fact, if you’re looking to hire salespeople, your managers MUST have good profiles.

Think about it for a second.  You’re written a great ad. It talks directly to the right kind of people — those who’d rather sell than breathe. It excites their interest.

You’re got it running in all the right places.

Tons are applying.

And that one sales animal sees it who will find all the hidden business you know is out there.

How will they find out about you and your business to check you out?

Where do they look? That’s right, LinkedIn.

So if you’re vaguely entertaining the idea of deleting your LinkedIn profile, think again.

Tolerate the spam. Work on building your profile.

Make your profile say one thing: “I know how rare and valuable great sales talent is. Come work with me and we will both make a lot of money.”

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