If you’re one of our 2000+ clients, you’ve had a real conversation with me or one of my team BEFORE becoming a client. I started Advanced Hiring System as a retirement project long before Social Media.

For years I scoffed at Social Media — and to a great extent I still think it’s kind of silly. People can and do, publish the most outlandish lies on Social Media.

saying_pants_on_fire_02.smallOne particularly hilarious application of this is LinkedIn™ Profiles.

You Need to Have a LinkedIn Profile

I happen to think if you don’t have one you’re missing one of the most underutilized marketing tools.

Every week I get a couple of companies calling for help hiring salespeople from LinkedIn™.

Just don’t believe most of what you read on LinkedIn™. It’s social puffery.

But it’s also a super powerful platform for finding prospects to sell to.

So get your LinkedIn™ profile up there and tweaked. Remember though, a great LinkedIn™ salesperson profile does not mean a great sales applicant.

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