There’s no doubt that salespeople “puff” up the benefits of their products. It’s good selling to amplify the positives. And there’s not a thing wrong with it.

But liars are not puffing, they’re lying. They are attempting to mislead.

With our SalesMatrix™ profile when a sales applicant tries to lie, our test nails them.

We then send our clients a note that we call the “Flag Page.” In it we  point out the applicant is lying.  Sometimes the applicant is under stress and not handling stress well. We point that out too.

The Lie Detector test was designed by a Harvard psychology professor. And now our tests have built that little “liar” function into them for you.

From time to time, clients chose to ignore the Flag Page. It’s their choice. We warned them but “they really liked the applicant.” So they hire them.

The results can be disastrous. One applicant turned out to be on the National Sex Offenders list. I don’t have to tell you how poorly that played out in today’s environment.

Another applicant got hired and was totally disruptive in the office. They said their leads were no good. The company product needed improving. It wasn’t their fault that no one would buy anything. When our client finally let them go, this Flag Page applicant sued them for discrimination on their way out the door.

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