Inviting sales applicants to take a pre employment assessment test online is an efficient way to begin the interview process. This sales test evaluates salesmen for common values and personality traits. When you know how to hire a salesperson with these online tools, you’ll have better hiring results.

It’s best to conduct the online pre employment assessment test in two phases. You invite them to take the “ValuesMatrix” sales test first. Then you invite them to complete the second and final phase called the “StylesMatrix” profile.

Create an efficient plan for sending testing invitations by using unique email addresses and implementing auto-responders. When applicants reply to your job postings via email, you will provide them with the information they need for testing access. How to hire a salesperson more efficiently begins here.

Phase One — Auto-Response Invitation to the First Sales Test

Salesmen and women who express interest in your job listing via email receive an auto-response from you with instructions. You’ll want to set up a unique email address where this specific auto-response can be attached.

In the body of the auto-response email, ask for the applicant’s name and contact information. You also want to explain briefly why and how the testing process needs to take place.

Here’s a quote from the AHS Sales Hiring Course, with specific wording you might use for this particular auto-response in phase one.

“Thank you for your response to our opportunity at YOUR COMPANY.

The first step in our hiring process is to complete a short

Personality Profile that gives us a better idea of your qualifications for sales.

Below is the link for you to complete the profile survey.

When you get to the site just complete the required fields.

When you finish the survey we will get the results.

After that your application will enter the next stage of

our interview process.” – AHS Sales Hiring Course Materials

With the above wording, you have explained to the applicant that a sales test is required for applying to your company. You have also prepared them for the fact that the sales test has two stages. You’ll learn pretty quickly that how to hire a salesperson serious about working for you means weeding out some of the weaker candidates early on.

Phase Two – Online Invitation to the Second Sales Test

Once the “ValuesMatrix” testing has been completed, you’ll send an additional email inviting the applicant to the final test. Let the applicants know that receiving the results of this second test will put them into the final stages of the hiring process.

How to hire a salesperson with this method is explained in more detail in the AHS Sales Hiring Course member links. You’ll want to assign specific test passwords to each applicant and apply other AHS tips to keep this sales test approach working smoothly.

Many job seekers apply for positions via email these days, so this is fast becoming an efficient way to conduct testing. When you want to know how to hire a salesperson more effectively, try this idea with your next job postings. The candidates without the desired values and traits can be sent a respectful rejection letter. The job candidates with satisfactory scores will graduate to the interview process.