Selling as a profession suffers from far too many sales hiring failures.

Unlike other professions where an MD, DDS or LLD comes after the name, there’s no “SSM” degree.

Sadly, most sales managers don’t really know what makes a good salesperson. As a result, they persist in hiring people to sell for them for all the wrong reasons.

Sales applicants who “handled themselves well in the interview,” “got past their screener” or “who have years of sales experience” are deemed the best candidates. And, so the cycle continues: bad sales hire after bad sales hire after bad sales hire, all join the ranks of sales teams.

In having studied good salespeople for nearly 16 years, good salespeople have one thing in common – a “sales personality.” No other criteria are common to top sales performers.

What is this “sales personality” of a top sales performer?

It is a combination of the right personal interests, values and personality style.

In 16 years of research we have found top sales performers are “high practicals — where money or power are their highest values. And they are strongly ego driven, confident communicators and rule breakers.

Start looking for salespeople with these personality characteristics and watch your sales hiring success ratio rocket to new heights.