Why Some Salesmen Top Out Below Where You Think They Can?

If this isn’t the oldest question in sales management, it’s the second oldest for sure.

How is it that some sales hires are so perfect in every way – they are persuasive and present themselves well – yet they never seem to make the big monthly numbers?

These are the ones we Sales Managers dedicate ourselves to – training them and cajoling, challenging and mentoring them.

Look back over your results with salespeople like this over your career as a Sales Manager

Tell me what you see? Did you get them to break out and really go for it? Or did they stay so average or slightly below average that you don’t really want to look that closely?

I bet the later because those kinds of salespeople are exhibiting values that people with low money or power scores in the AHS ValuesMatrix™ are likely to show.

Mr. and Ms Sales Manager, it is not your job (nor is it possible in most cases) to change another person’s values.

recruiting top sales talent When Auburn’s line coach Tracy Roker recruited lineman Nick Fairly he was recruiting top talent. He invested time and energy in his recruiting strategy to get the kind of result that gets him a Vince Lombarbi Trophy Ourstanding Lineman.

There is no excuse for a bad sales hire.

So, in answer to the question “Why Some Salespeople Top Out Below Where You Think They Can?” the answer is because the Sales Manager hired the wrong person.

How to fix it? Spend more time mastering your sales recruiting system and you’ll get the salespeople who constantly meet and exceed your expectations. Anything less simply won’t get you want you really want as a Sales Manager.

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