water-dripping Last week I talked about how Jim Cecil had introduced me to the concept of selecting salesmen using Values and DISC styles tools. This week I’d like to share one of the other brilliant ideas Jim gave me 20 years ago that changed my life.

The concept, which he called Drip Marketing, is based on sending out a series of letters to a target market. But not just any letter, it should be a letter with a 3 dimensional grabber attached.

Jim explains the strategy is based on nurturing the prospect.

First, making sure your letter provides valuable information. Make it something that they are happy to receive and is not just about you. This is step one in giving them something.

Then, attached a small party favor type gift relevant to the letter. By doing so you are setting yourself apart, demonstrating you are a giver and providing a valuable “anchor”.

The world is filled with takers, says Jim, demonstrate you are a giver and you stand out from your competitors.

I’ve built 2 successful businesses in the past 20 years based on the principle of giving using Jim’s nurture mail including attaching a 3 dimensional gift.

Technically, after the you mail the second letter, start calling at around the time they will be opening their letter. If you miss them on letter #2 do the same thing for letter #3 and so on.

When they get on the phone, introduce yourself and tell them you’re the person that sent them a letter with the widget attached. They’ll remember you, guaranteed. Then start finding out how you can help them solve the problem that your company solves.

Works every time.

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