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The Advanced Hiring System E-course

In the last session I promised to teach you the one secret to successful hiring.

You absolutely can change your success rate for hiring salespeople with one simple secret. However before I tell you what it is I need to prepare you for it.

It’s not that what I am about to tell is all that difficult in fact, I’ll teach you how to do it in a way that will take virtually none of your time.

Some managers who I have worked with try to skip this step.

Because what I am going to say is something most sales managers don’t do.

Earl Nightingale in “The Greatest Secret” said “Most people just go along doing what everyone else is doing.” He said, “Most people try to fit in and be like everyone else.”

In sales the top salespeople contact more people. While average salespeople make as many sales calls as, well, average salespeople.

Successful salespeople make more calls, they prospect more and they invest more of their time and energy, finding people to sell.

Let’s apply this to sales hiring…
Most sales managers wait until they have an opening in their sales team then they try to find a new sales hire.

And that is the secret… More than any one factor that condemns the average sales manager to hire weak salespeople.

Top sales hirers are always recruiting for salespeople.

Let me repeat that: Top sales hirers are always recruiting

We often hear sales and sports are very similar. Both are competitive and both are based on individual performance.

At the time that I am making this video the Seattle Seahawks won the recent Superbowl 43-8. Can you imagine opening your favorite newspaper and seeing they have shut down their recruiting program?

Yet that is essentially what most sales managers do…

So there you have it: Always be recruiting is one of the Six Basic Rules of Sales Hiring. That’s the key to becoming a top sales hirer!

The Challenge? How do you budget your time to make room for constant recruiting?

The Advanced Hiring System provides you a unique formula to always be recruiting for sales talent.

Stay tuned