Creating an effective sales hiring system is based on integrity. At the end of the day, your goal is to convey to the applicants that your company is the best place for top sales agents.

Exceptional salesmanship is truly one of the rarest skills. Therefore, if you are going to attract the attention of these top closers, it’s critical at every step that you are upfront. Tell them what you need and be honest if they qualify or not.

A courtesy that has a big impact on your company’s image is a rejection letter sent to candidates who don’t make the cut at different levels of the hiring process. Through this method, you are letting applicants know where they stand. It will also save you the time and trouble of answering emails and phone calls to check about their application status.

We have a recommended format that simply states that their application has been rejected because of better, more qualified candidates: simple and to the point. It further demonstrates that your company has its act together – and is the kind of place that top closers can find a home.

If you do it right, you’re going to get to pick from the best of the best in the end which, to be honest, is an enviable spot to be in. When you exert effort to send a rejection letter, applicants think highly of your company. Moreover, you are not closing doors in the event that these salespeople surpass the learning curve and reach their true potential.

Doing business with integrity is rare these days and your effort to go the extra mile will be noticed in the industry. Word will get around that your company is a place where top performers are provided all the opportunities to shine – and that’s an ideal company image to strive for.