A client sales manager recently made this comment to me, “Truth is, I never would have looked at him based on his resume.”

He went on to say, “And more than that, at first impression he didn’t seem very impressive. But your Advanced Hiring ValuesMatrix™ and Advanced Hiring StyleMatrix™ said he had great potential.”

“So, I interviewed him and the more we talked the more I realized he might be a ‘diamond in the rough.’

“That interview was over six months ago. Today, he is our top sales performer in terms of new business development.”

What does a top salesperson look like

Contrast this to the way most sales managers pick salespeople and you see the difference between the Advanced Hiring System strategy vs the old way of hiring salespeople.

Salespeople who are top performers have a special way of looking at the world. These top sales performers have a strong score in their AHS ValuesMatrix™ in either Money or Power. They are what Maslow calls “High Practicals.” They are most concerned about gaining a greater sense of practical control over their environment.

The AHS StylesMatrix™, next is where we look for top salespeople who have a strong ego drive. They live or die based on their actions and they put their egos on the line in their drive to succeed. They are like a top performing athlete who drives to make the goal.

Another important component revealed in the AHS StylesMatrix™ is the top sellers ability to use language well. Not like an Professor of English, but where they are able to mold the message in a way that the prospect understands it. The measure of their success is whether they can engage the prospect.

Finally, the AHS StylesMatrix™ identifies potential top sales performers who see that sometimes we need to break the rules to make the deal. Without this ability salespeople get hung up on the rules and miss the opportunity to close the deal.

When you finally come to the realization that the rules for sales hiring have changed — you can succeed today. Only hire salespeople who’s personalities match those of the other top 10% of salespeople. The technology is so powerful that without it you are stuck in the 20th Century and going to miss the ‘diamonds in the rough.’