I’ve heard it so many times over the last 14 years. At this point I just chuckle…

In a monthly client service call, Angie, the GM of a client radio station told me she had hired applicants last month.

“Three”, she said, “Were based totally on the system. And the fourth one didn’t ‘pass’ but he got great references and was an experienced industry salesman.”

“How’re all four doing?” I asked.

She went down the list and told me about each hire. “The fourth one, the one who didn’t pass, I fired. He was so disruptive everybody was happy to see him go.”

No surprise he didn’t work out.

He was a natural High-S style. But to do his job well he had to go out and make sales calls. High-S’s don’t like to leave the nest. He was very unlikely to want to leave the building – hard to be an outside salesperson and a High-S.

I’m posting the 4 graphs below. If you can pick the applicant who was too High-S for outside sales, we’ll add 5 additional profiles to your bank of profiles. If you’re not an AHS client, we’ll create a Free Trial Account to put your 5 free profiles into. We’ll announce the answer and winners on next Friday February 7, 2014

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Pick the Sales Dud

Pick the sales dud