There’s a total piece of nonsense floating around that somehow, we no longer want money-motivated salespeople. Nothing is more ridiculous than this statement, but we have heard it batted around like it is gospel.

Here’s the truth: Yes, it’s true that millennials are very cause-oriented and they need to feel as if they are a part of the bigger picture. If you’re looking to hire designers, programmers or customer service representatives from millennials, you better help them see the job from the bigger perspective of how it serves society.

Nonetheless, salespeople who are primarily focused on bettering society will be mediocre performers. Everyone who buys from them (and there won’t be many who do) will love them. But it will take two of them (and double the draw, the expenses, the taxes) to get the production of one money-motivated seller.

You see, sales is tough work. There’s a ton of drudgery in sales and you’ve got to keep on even when things aren’t closing the way you expect them to. That’s just sales. You need to toughen up to get results.

If your salespeople are money-motivated, they have set an earning goal to make them feel fulfilled. Until they hit that goal, they’re going to keep dialing or knocking on doors – or however your sales process works.

They don’t give up easily unlike someone who could no longer find meaning in what he/she is doing. Saving the world is not in a salesperson’s agenda. Salespeople belong to the highly practical group – they mean business, always.

Salespeople who are not money-motivated sell less. We’ve been proving it to our more than 2000 clients for nearly 16 years. And on the surface, it may look like things have changed especially with the culture of millenials in the picture but fortunately; we can sleep easy thinking that some things remain the same. Money-motivated salespeople are, and will always be, wanted.