Better Sales – Managing Different Styles – The High-D

The D score is defined as Dominance. I like to call it Ego Drive and I think that conforms more with the seminal article “What Makes a Good Salesperson” published in Harvard Business Review

High-D’s are highly motivated salespeople. In fact, the reason that they are successful is because they are so highly motivated.

To a High-D there is literally a dialogue going off in their heads that says ”I can make it. I can do this work. I am the one who can make this happen. It’s all up to me.” (They might have different words, but that’s the essence.)

High-D’s love a challenge. They are never satisfied with the status quo and will be attracted to the new and different. This is a great asset for you, as a manager since you can be sure they have the ability to achieve more.

Whether you can get them to live up to their potential is another thing.

Hopefully after you read this, and other more detailed tools in the Member Area, you will know more about helping them to maximize their productivity.

High-D’s don’t shy away from confrontation. And if they are not getting enough challenge or they are feeling frustrated they are more likely to get involved in conflicts.

I joke that it seems like they can almost appear to encourage fights. “I’m bored, why don’t you two fight?” In some ways it’s not really a joke because they like being highly charged.

The way to motivate a High-D is to challenge them. For the Low-D confrontation is a turn off and leaves them hurt and retreating. For the High-D they don’t get offended when you call them out. Tell them that they darn well could do better than they’re doing.

Give the High-D a goal to shoot for – and then make sure the reward is congruent with their highest ValuesMatrixTM value. (Just look at page 2 of the ValuesMatrixTM and match the reward to the number one value in the report.)

High-D’s might seem a bit difficult, but once you understand what makes them tick they’re easy to manage. The trick is to challenge them to reach a goal that matches their values, then get out of their way…

A P.S. to this, is be sure you really have a High-D. Check their StylesMatrixTM to be sure. If you don’t have a true High-D and you try and manage them like one you will wish you hadn’t…

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