Can Using a Sales Hiring System Really Help You to Hire Sales People Who Really Can Sell?

Since 2000, I’ve been asking clients the question, “What is your Sales Hiring Success Rate?”

I’ve come to believe that the dirty dark secret in sales management is Sales Managers are struggling when it comes to recruiting and hiring salespeople. When pressed on their strategy for sales hiring, most will point to their training strategies, their account management strategies, their leadership ability and all the things that happen after bringing a new team member on board.

It’s a case of the cart before the horse, yet as an industry we can’t see it for the life of us.

Hire better salespeople and you can count on better sales results

Let’s talk about sports teams. Can you imagine the LA Dodgers scrapping their recruiting?

Bear with me, because this is going to be an important lesson. First of all sports teams are something we are all familiar with. They are extremely public organizations. Newspapers, websites and sports radio blab on 24/7 about them. They are easy to follow.

Sports and sales are related, but did you ever think about what is the real similarity?

Sales teams and sports teams are evaluated based on immediate results. What you did yesterday on the field has no bearing on today’s game. Sports teams live in the Now of immediate results. And so do sales teams.

The kind of individual who can deal with the constant pressure of immediately measurable results is the kind of person who can thrive in a sports team. And this is a rare individual. Leave aside the physical characteristics because there are many who have those characteristics but still fail as athletes.

Now consider that sports teams spend considerable resources constantly recruiting for that rare individual who can be an athlete. They realize that without constant recruiting they are dead. Because they are looking for a rare type of person.

Did you ever stop to realize that sales is the same way? Great salespeople have a rare personality style.

Personality is not something we can train. You either is or you isn’t. And if you don’t believe that, think of all the duds you’ve hired who started out great but six months later are dog meat in your company. They didn’t have the personality and over time they had to fail. We can’t fake who we are deep down inside.

Bottom Line:  who you put on your sales team is so much more important than anything else you can do.

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