Want to know how to hire employees for your sales department who perform better than average, and who, in doing so, will boost your sales, and consolidate your position on the market? Then you need to learn about how to change sales recruiting methods, as well as what makes a good salesman, and how to conduct an interview, all of which are extensively covered in the AHS sales hiring course.

 Getting Started with Sales Recruiting

Knowing how to hire employees is the first step in improving your hiring process. The essential thing you have to know is this: you need to do things differently. If you’re using old recruiting methods that rely too much on what’s written in the applicants’ resume, the rate at which you’ll hire top performers will be low, too low.

AHS sales hiring course offers a 4-step approach to the hiring process, guiding you from the ad placing for the job to the applicant referrals checking. Each step in the hiring process is broken down into smaller sections, so you can grasp everything quicker and put it into practice more easily.

What Makes a Good Salesman?

Most salespersons who send you their applications are only average and you don’t really want to build your team around them. A top salesperson outperforms an average one by 500%, which is why you really want the best of the best on your team. But how can you figure out who are the best ones?

Understand the values they espouse by having them undergo a highly-effective business personality test. You want salespersons whose interests boil down to money and power – these two always characterize the top performers. Checking whether a candidate has or not these values is easy through the DISC assessment model AHS sales hiring course proposes.

How to Take an Interview?

Extensive interviewing is required to understand how job candidates truly are. For best results, use the 4-step interviewing module proposed by AHS, which makes you aware of who you’re interviewing, and which helps you avoid the traps that most sales managers fall prey to. The AHS interviewing module is simple and straightforward, which is why despite its thoroughness, it remains quick and accessible. Carrying out four separate interviews is the best answer to ‘how to hire employees more effectively?’


The truth is that most sales managers don’t know how to hire employees effectively. That’s the reason why the majority of sales departments are overcrowded with average salesmen.

If you’re a sales manager who wants to stand out by knowing how to hire employees who are better than the average, then change the way you do things, and adopt a superior hiring system. Advanced Hiring Systems sales hiring course can help you do that now.