In today’s Twitter brained world, people need a good kick in the head. If not, they don’t pay you the slightest bit of attention.

Kick in the Head smallIf you’re hiring for salespeople you’ve got a triple challenge:

  1. Great salespeople are rare. Mediocrity abounds in sales departments — you need to attract the best talent.
  2. Help Wanted for Sales is the most popular job posting out there.
  3. Salespeople are likely to have ADHD. (It might have come from being in sales or from birth, but in my experience it’s a fact.)

“The Headline is the Ad for the Ad.”

The great Jay Abraham taught me “The Headline is the Ad for the Ad.” Great copywriters spend 75% of their time writing the headline. After writing a great headline the ad writes itself.

Worry not, though. The greatest headlines have already been written. Here are some great resources for great headlines you can rewrite to suit your Help Wanted Ad:

And after you’re done “adapting” your version, go here:Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer. Plug in your ad to see if it’s powerful and emotional.