The latest government job report sounds ominous. Just 74,000 new jobs created in December – missing by a mile the projected 196,000. Ouch. Future job growth (other than registered nurses), will be for jobs at Walmart and the like.

With the lousy jobs report, you’d think that it would be easy to hire sales talent.

Unfortunately hiring for sales talent has become more difficult. Advanced Hiring System clients continue to report a tight job market all across the country for real salespeople.

Tougher finding good sales applicants than ever

Tougher finding good sales applicants than ever

Regular readers of this blog know that real sales talent is rarer than finding an honest man or woman in Congress.

In fact, our data shows only one in every 33 Americans is what we call a “natural” to become a top performing salesperson.

The rarity of those who have the personality to be good salespeople is why most salespeople hired end up failing. Most sales hiring strategies simply fail to look at personality style, instead looking at previous sales experience as primary criteria.

Traditional sales trainers attempt to take the untalented and teach them to sell – like putting lipstick on a pig we think.

One strategy Advanced Hiring System clients use it to constantly be recruiting in their markets. You don’t need to waste time on sales applicants until you’ve found their profile matches the rare personality qualities that make for a great salesperson.

Bottom line is to always have the “Welcome Mat” out for top sellers who are Money-motivated Persuaders. Finding them takes time, but when you find them they are worth their weight in gold.