Better sales come from better sales hiring. Your competition knows this. You do, too. Which one of you is taking sales hiring seriously enough to stay on top? Instead of fearing what methods your competition is utilizing to outsell you, focus on what you can do to build the best sales team on your own turf.

Attract the top performing sales people better than the other guy does. Your job posting ads have got to be stellar. Job advertisements need to give potential sales employees the message that your company is where great salespeople thrive. Grab them with powerful headlines. Reel them in with the genuine promise of great benefits and rewards. Take it seriously that better sales depend on employing better salespeople. When your competition is offering better benefits in an enticing way, the top sales performers are less likely to move in your direction. Write great job ads. Include details of great benefits. They will come.

Know that interview questions for sales people are only part of the successful sales hiring equation. Add the sales aptitude test to your sales hiring practices. Better sales come from salespeople who have certain values. Learn what those values are through the AHS Sales Hiring Course. Analyze the sales aptitude test results to make the best sales hiring decisions possible. This extra step can make a company far more successful at hiring top sales performers than their competition.

Always treat top sales performers as some of the greatest assets to your company’s success. When you put together your interview questions for sales people, ask some questions about what the applicant values in their work life. Great salespeople tend to gravitate toward a company that offers them opportunities for money and power. They also want to work for a company that respects them, brags about them and lets them try new ways to make better sales. Treat them with as much respect and flexibility you can to keep them on your team. If you don’t, your competition is out there getting better at learning how to lure them away.

You should always be prepared to interview a great sales candidate, even when you’re not currently planning to hire. It’s possible your competition isn’t doing a great job with sales hiring or keeping their top performers satisfied in the job. Be ready to spot great talent when it presents itself and you’ll definitely have the advantage.





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