Why Profiling All Sales Applicants First Is the Only Logical Strategy

1. Profiling all sales applicants first is the only logical strategy. To profile applicants after you interview them makes no sense. To invest time on an applicant who will potentially profile poorly is a waste of time (your most precious resource as a manager). What happens if you absolutely love the applicant, are committed to hiring them, but they test poorly?

2. Profiling all applicants gives you a way to compare apples to apples with all candidates.

3. Top performing salespeople are easily identified with profiling

4. Profiling all applicants gives you the one simple way to spot diamond in the roughs. Applicants who have no previous sales experience often turn out to be the best sales hires. Without a profiling strategy you’re likely to miss the best applicants.

5. Since 80% of sales are produced by 20% of salespeople, sales experience on resumes is a very unreliable indicator when selecting sales applicants to interview.

6. Profiling ALL applicants removes any claims of discriminatory practices. Well designed profiles do not discriminate based on protected classes.

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