Google “Sales Compensation Strategy” and you’ll find over 1 million entries.

There’s a lot of good work out there on Strategy and Vision and Formulas. I’m not here to add yet one more article on a subject that’s had enough said…

business man next to a money sign over a white background

Top salespeople are “High Practicals”

One thing that’s interesting is none of the top 10 listed articles contain what I’m here to share.

We onboard our clients individually. Every one of our 2000+ clients has had to answer this question on compensation:

“If someone does a great job for you — knocks it out of the park, what will they earn? $$$$$$$”

The answer to that question varies based on location and industry.

But one thing is common when they get it right…

“A lot” is the right answer.

Good salespeople are high practicals. We don’t wake up in the morning and ask ourselves, “How can I serve humanity?”

Top sales performers wake up and ask ourselves, “Where’s the money and power?” “Where can I get a greater sense of control?”

In capitalism the answer is money. And if you want to attract and keep top sales performers you need to give them a fair shot at $100K plus.