Find New ClientsThere’s talk in the sales industry that the “old” type of salesperson — money-motivated and highly persuasive, is no longer needed. Instead according to some self-appointed new thinkers, the new era calls for a kinder and gentler type of  salesperson.

Having enough grey in my hair to have lived through a few “paradigm shifts,” most have turned out to be temporary hiccups.

From the trenches of sales hiring, there have, in fact, been three major changes in the market since the Stock Market Crash of 2007-8:

  1.  Today the market, overall, is much slower to make a decision. Prior to the Crash there was a greater sense of confidence. Today seven years later, decisions happen much more slowly. People continue to be cautious in the “recovery.”
  2.  In this same period, the amount of information available to the prospect has increased exponentially. Where salespeople used to be the primary sources of information, today prospects do their own research on Google, LinkedIn and specialized websites.
  3. The competitive environment due to the Internet has markedly increased. Everything can be sourced cheaper from overseas. Goods and labor are up for bid.

The net effect of this shift means salespeople must allow more time and lower any sense of pressure.

Are Money-motivated Persuader salespeople incapable of this type of selling? Hardly. It would be a huge mistake to think characteristics like strong money and power values, together with Drive, Influencing and willingness to circumvent rules are no longer the most desirable personality characteristics of salespeople.

In fact, these salespeople continue to be the top performers in virtually every one of our client’s teams.

Money-motivated Persuaders continue to excel at this work.