Long time client John P is a seasoned, top performing radio station General Manager. He’s been a client of Advanced Hiring since 2002.

He managed a TV-Radio combination in a mid-sized market. One time I watched as he let a Sales Manager under him, who insisted he could beat the AHS System, try. The Sales Manager failed and, then, after the Sales Manager’s “dud hiring experience”, John required him to return to the System.

John recently got a chance to own his own station. The problem was the station’s sales department was staffed with duds.

John sent me this email recently:

Thanks for the help.  I have my hands full right now rebuilding the
sales staff, out of the 5 salesmen I inherited I will probably only retain 1.

The good news is that the market seems to have plenty of candidates
better than what I have. Having your tool has been a huge help to me.



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