How to hire a salesperson you wonder? Let’s have a look at one step; the final interview stage. One of the most misunderstood steps of the Advanced Hiring System is the final interview stage.

In our experience, you want to compare three qualified applicants in this stage. Then, from these three applicants, using a structured interview like the one we call the “AHS 4-Part Interview Module”, you pick the best one.

Having three applicants whom you’ve pre-selected and, then, comparing them is not a luxury, but a necessity. It puts the odds of making an outstanding hire on your side.

By delivering your interview well, you can compare the way the applicants have applied themselves in their lives. Out of the three one will emerge as the clear right choice.

Instead, too often, clients arrive at the interview stage with only one good applicant.

Based on 14 years of data, clients who short circuit this step have only a 1 in 3 chance of hiring a top performer. For more information of the Advanced Hiring System, try a complementary profile.