Video Rant #2

My client Tom has used our service to build a team of solid sales pros.

He laughs a bit and tells me the 3 words he’s SO thankful to get from us, because they’ve saved him SO much time and SO many headaches. And the 3 words are…


When you get THAT message from us, it means the prospect profile testing shows an applicant who does NOT have the values or style of a top salesperson.

And that means the chance is sky-high if you hire that person, they’ll cost you time, money, and headaches. They’ll flame out. And then you’re back at the beginning. You have to start all over again.

I’m telling you now, you MUST NOT INTERVIEW any applicant who has not passed our profile testing.

And it gets tricky, because if you DO interview these guys, they often really impress you in the interview. But then, you pay the price later. You’ll NEVER build a solid sales team when your applicant pool is full of people who are not money-motivated. They can fool anybody in the interview. But they can’t fool our testing.

You GOTTA understand how crucial this is. I can’t tell you how many companies have come to us in bad, bad shape. And when I profile their sales force, it turns out their sales team is a bunch of people who are NOT motivated by money and power. THAT is the kiss of death.

Look. I know it’s hard for you and me to believe this. But the vast majority of sales applicants are happy JUST to earn a living. Oh, they may have wet dreams about kicking butt revenue-wise. But they just will never make the effort necessary to make it happen. They will NOT put themselves in front of a consistent stream of qualified prospects, day after day, week after week, month after month. They can’t handle the rejection. It’s too much PAIN for them. So they go into hiding. Those guys will NEVER bring home the bacon for you.

Our profile testing identifies WHICH of your applicants are clones of legendary salespeople, and which ones are hoping you’ll be their next sugar daddy.

You NEED us to test every applicant you have. It will change your life.

This is Alan Fendrich at Advanced Hiring System. Give me a call.