There is more to hiring employees than testing and many managers believe they have what it takes to hire the right ones. However, being a self-proclaimed people person does not mean you know how to hire employees.  You have probably heard people claim, or have done so yourself, that they are really good at reading people and in some instances that may be true. While that may work in some cases, they may not completely understand how to conduct an interview to get the most out of the answers.

Some people seem to have a natural ability when it comes to reading people but if they don’t know how to conduct an interview some of the best salesmen may slip through their fingers. It takes more than knowing what makes a good salesman when conducting interviews and in order to choose the best you need a means of evaluating them both on their ability to do the job you are hiring for as well as how they compare to other candidates for the same position.

When hiring you need to have more than one person interviewed. In fact, three should be the minimum number of interviews conducted for the position in order to compare all of the factors of the personalities for what makes a good salesman. Since you don’t want to have a panel discussion with all of the candidates at the same, which is not how to hire employees, you will need to ask them all the exact same questions in the same order to be able to accurately judge and compare their responses.

One of the best methods used by those who know how to hire employees is to take notes during the interview. You aren’t going to remember their answers and you will need to have something on which to base your final decision.

The one in charge of first interview should know as much about how to hire employees as the one conducting the second, third and hopefully the fourth interview. Don’t be afraid to look at current employees as part of your sales recruiting as you may find some hidden talent in your current ranks. In fact, there is nothing wrong with continuously sales recruiting as you talk with your employees on a daily basis. If you really know how to hire employees you might be surprised what you can learn during casual conversation with people that already work for you.