Increasing Your Sales Hiring Success Rate

When I was starting my first company more that 27 years ago, IBM had just started to market the PC. I thought it would be a great help to have all of my company data on a computer — so that I could automate as much as possible.

I saw automation as a way to minimize my staff expenditures and therefore to achieve profitability more quickly.

One of the people I shared this view with disagreed and called computers nothing more than electronic file cabinets. He said managers are not meant to type their own letters.

Today it is inconceivable for a manager not to have their own PC on their desk and to type their own letters.

Yet, I still talk to prospects who think they can more effectively hire salespeople without a proven system like the Advanced Hiring System.

Using the AHS system for hiring salespeople has doubled our clients success for nearly sixteen years. It simply beats any other approach to hiring salespeople hands down.

The System IS the Solution!

Good luck and great sales hiring!

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