Every once and a while a new client signs up who spends a lot of time telling me why they are “going to do their hiring their way. But we’re going to use parts of the AHS System.”

I’ve done this for 16 years and we still have most of the first clients we ever signed up. Companies call me when they recognize they need to improve the results of their sales hiring system (or lack of a system). They look across town and see better salespeople at the competition. Or they look in their own sales department and see lots of mediocrity. They need to find top sales performers. The economy is tough (and Ray Dalio says 2012 is going to be a doozy.)

imageBut they’ve got to get over their ego problems in order to see that this is not a half baked approach. I’ve looked at 38,000+ sales applicants. I have a 35,000 foot view of sales hiring.

Compare that to the average sales manager who has hired 30 salespeople in their entire career.

I admit I used to get upset with clients who said things that meant they were going to edit the system and ultimately fail. Now with 500+ clients, we really don’t worry that our reputation will be ruined by any one client.

So today they can screw with the system based on some half-baked theory they’ve developed. When they count up their sales hiring failures vs their sales hiring successes they’ll see very little difference in their results. So they’ll move along, convinced their sales hiring needs are different than everyone else’s and besides, the Advanced Hiring System doesn’t really work.

What didn’t work is their ability to know themselves. And for them to know that their High-D ego is getting in the way of their success (for the umpteenth time in their lives.) Really knowing our weakness and finding someone who has strength is what successful people do.