At least a couple times a week clients ask “What makes a good salesman, a good Natural or Adapted Style score?”

Before answering that question, let’s review the definitions of what the two styles mean.

Natural Style is the applicant’s “deep down” personality style. It is who they are off the job and how they see themselves. Natural style is least changeable during the course of our lives.  (It can change, however as the result of dramatic life change like birth of a child, death of a loved one, etc.)

Adapted Style is how the applicant sees themselves needing to behave in order to do their job effectively. It is a more fluid style and will change when applicants see the need to behave differently for different jobs.

Research by Judy Suiter and Dr David Warburton indicates that if there is a strong difference between the two graphs stress, mental health problems and job dissatisfaction can occur.

Advanced Hiring System encourages clients to place most emphasis on the having similar Natural and Adapted Styles. The exception to that is where the applicant is a recent graduate and has little experience in the work world.