shut up and take the money

Have you been burned enough times by the Perfect Resume? Ready to find out why most sales applicants are a complete waste of time?

The reason most applicants can’t sell comes down to their values.

Values are what the applicant gets out of bed for. Learn to find out the applicants values BEFORE you INVEST your time with an applicant– and watch your sales hiring success soar.

Why are values critical to sales hiring success?

We are all motivated by different things. It takes all kinds to make a world, which is a good thing. The problem in sales hiring is when the applicant’s highest values don’t match those of proven top sales performers.

Sales is about making sales. It’s hard work. So if your applicant is not motivated by the right things for sales, when the hard part comes (and it will) they fade and stop doing the hard work.

Here’s a real example from our files:

We were called in a number of years ago to help a religious broadcaster. Religious broadcasting is a huge category making up 20% of radio listeners.

The station was professionally managed. Their music was upbeat. Their disc jockeys were intelligent and good communicators. But their sales were weak — despite having good ratings.

When we analyzed their sales hiring practices, we saw they were only hiring salespeople who were fired up with the station’s religious mission.  This was a values mismatch, because the best salespeople, even though they may be religious, are most motivated by money and/or power.

Start using a values based assessment to screen applicant and stop wasting time on your applicants who have beautiful resumes but couldn’t sell their way out of a paper bag.